Business Overview


Our Group is based in Hong Kong and we are engaged in the provision of fitting-out and renovation services. Our customers comprised (i) property developers, some of which are (or whose holding companies are) listed on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited; (ii) main contractors or direct contractors of the fitting-out and renovation projects; and (iii) owners or tenants of properties. Our fitting-out and renovation services mainly include provision of interior fitting-out and renovation services for different types of premises in the private sector, including residential apartments and residential dwellings, show flats, clubhouses, sale office, public area in residential and commercial buildings, office, shopping malls and shops in Hong Kong.

For all of our projects that we are engaged in, we acted as the project manager and principal coordinator for the works we were responsible for which included, among other things, the overall implementation of the projects which encompasses planning, coordinating, monitoring and supervising the project from commencement of our services to the delivery of the certificate of completion and follow-up rectification of defects during the defect liability period. We may be engaged in the position of a main contractor, sub-contractor or nominated sub-contractor in our projects. We believe that our project management staff’s in-depth understanding of the fitting-out and renovation industry together with their established relationships with the sub-contractors and material suppliers position us to oversee and coordinate all fitting-out and renovation works to the satisfaction of our customers.

One of the principal factors that has enabled us to operate in and continue to grow in the fitting-out and renovation industry is our ability to provide timely, efficient and effective solutions that meet the needs of our customers.